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Young Woman at Her Work - Jan Tilius (1660-1719)
Young Woman at Her Work - Jan Tilius (1660-1719) - Paintings & Drawings Style Young Woman at Her Work - Jan Tilius (1660-1719) -
Ref : 87088
Period :
17th century
Artist :
Jan Tilius (1660-1719)
Provenance :
Medium :
Oil on panel
Dimensions :
l. 15.75 inch X H. 17.91 inch
Paintings & Drawings  - Young Woman at Her Work - Jan Tilius (1660-1719) 17th century - Young Woman at Her Work - Jan Tilius (1660-1719)
Galerie FC Paris

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Young Woman at Her Work - Jan Tilius (1660-1719)

Young woman at her work. By Jan Tilius (Bois le Duc 1660-1719)

Oil on oak panel
Style frame in inlaid wood and guilloche molding
Total dimensions: 45.5 x 40 cm with the frame

The subject of this charming painting is very fashionable in the united provinces in the 17th century, like many painter of that time, Jan Tilius is best known for his genre scenes painted on small formats, which constitute the bulk of his production. . They represent intimate, serene, “bourgeois” interiors, in which the characters, as if surprised by the painter, are busy with their everyday activities.

In his interior scenes, he likes to depict opulent homes, beautifully decorated and furnished. (the painting on the wall is probably by the painter Jacob van der Does the old (1623-1673)
Jan Tilius excelled in painting textures such as fabrics, especially the red velvet of the garment and its white fur trim as well as the brown satin of the dress. He also had the art of blending details into the big picture. Its color is distinguished by its vigor and the harmony of its light.

On our painting, a young woman is seated in a room which serves both as a living room and a bedroom, we can see a large four-poster bed at the back left.
Busy at her work, between the robin's cage and her little dog, she pauses, raises her finger and looks at us to attract the viewer's attention ...

Very good original condition.

Galerie FC Paris


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