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Writing Cabinet
Writing Cabinet - Furniture Style
Ref : 86838
125 000 €
Period :
17th century
Provenance :
Mughal India
Medium :
Teak, tortoiseshell and ivory; silver mounts
Dimensions :
l. 12.01 inch X H. 9.06 inch X P. 9.45 inch
Furniture  - Writing Cabinet

Cabinets, works of art, Asian Art 16th - 18th cent

Writing Cabinet

Writing Cabinet
Mughal India
17th century
Teak, tortoiseshell and ivory; silver mounts

Bibliography: DIAS, Pedro, Mobiliário Indo-Português, Moreira de Cónegos, Imaginalis, 2013, pp.116-117

Fall front writing cabinet of Indian manufacture from the 17th century, after the design introduced by the Portuguese in the 16th century and in vogue until the 18th century. This design belonged to the prevailing taste of prestigious object in luxurious houses, merging a pleasant look to technical quality and the employment of exotic and expensive materials, such as the tortoiseshell and ivory.
This cabinet displays on the top a silver plaque with a representation of Catherine I of Russia (r. 1725-1727) and the inscription: "Deus preserve Catarina I imperatriz de todas as Russias" (Lord save Catherine I Empress of all Russia). Catherine's husband, Czar Peter the Great (m. 1712) visited Holland between 1716 and 1717 having bought there many artworks for his Montplaisir Palace, later renamed Peterhof. It is possible that this cabinet was one of his acquisitions from this period.
From a technical point of view this writing cabinet exhibits some unique details, such as the design of the drawers entirely made of ivory.

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