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young woman standing - terracotta
young woman standing - terracotta - Sculpture Style Transition young woman standing - terracotta -
Ref : 86633
Period :
18th century
Provenance :
Medium :
Dimensions :
l. 6.69 inch X H. 16.14 inch
Sculpture  - young woman standing - terracotta
Galerie Sismann

European old master sculpture

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young woman standing - terracotta

This terracotta represents a young woman standing, dressed in a fine tunic after the Antique. In detaching, the latter elegantly slips along the bust of our character, revealing his chest. His head is slightly thrown backwards, his face is illuminated with a radiant smile and gracefully framed by a long, freely undulating hair, crowned with a chapel of flowers. At his feet, a chubby putto is pointing in his direction a cornucopia. The unquenchable attire of our character, his nakedness displayed as well as the presence of some key objects, inscribe our work in the allegorical register. The presence of the small mirror that it holds, as well as the cornucopia worn by the putto, could here designate the Allegory of Prudence, as found on a print of Federico Zuccaro today preserved in the National Library of France (Paris, BNF, Prints, Rès.B3). Indeed, the presence of the mirror as an attribute of Prudence dates back to the Middle Ages and means foresight of the future and self-knowledge. We find it in the hands of this allegory as early as 1305 in a fresco by Giotto at the Padua Arena, but also later at Simon Vouet or Baciccio. As for the cornucopia, more rarely used, it means that "abundance is a consequence of prudence". The life breath to this group and the playful and sensual character of the figures give our sculpture all the charm that characterizes the French terracotta productions of the eighteenth century.

Galerie Sismann


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