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Exceptional German Gothic wardrobe
Exceptional German Gothic wardrobe - Furniture Style Middle age Exceptional German Gothic wardrobe - Exceptional German Gothic wardrobe - Middle age Antiquités - Exceptional German Gothic wardrobe
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Period :
11th to 15th century
Provenance :
Southern Germany, Nuremberg
Medium :
Cedar wood
Dimensions :
l. 68.5 inch X H. 92.52 inch X P. 18.9 inch
Furniture  - Exceptional German Gothic wardrobe 11th to 15th century - Exceptional German Gothic wardrobe Middle age - Exceptional German Gothic wardrobe Antiquités - Exceptional German Gothic wardrobe
Galerie Gabrielle Laroche

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Exceptional German Gothic wardrobe


Height : 235 cm
Length : 174 cm
Depth : 48 cm

Cedar wood
Original ironwork and wrought iron locks

This rare German Gothic wardrobe is a one-body piece of furniture standing on a finely worked base with carved vine branches.

Each door-leaf comprises two panels with an iron handle delicately adorned.

An open-worked frieze presenting regular vegetal scrolls tops the wardrobe. The wood-work as well as the treatment of the carving can be compared with German models from the late 15th century, a double inspiration from Northern and Southern Germany.

The middle jambs and lateral jambs as well as the architrave and the base are adorned with low-reliefs resembling cut-out leathers or evoking printing arts. On a frieze treated in meplat run regular vegetal scrolls.

The panels are framed by a grid motif also treated in meplat. The panels present dancers in twisted positions over a flowery decor. The features of the dancers, their regional costumes and their headdresses are characteristic of the period.

This beautiful wardrobe is also enriched by a remarkable and specifically Medieval ironwork. The hinges securing the door-leaves, the handles and the locks are very refined and sumptuously Gothic.

This Medieval wardrobe really is a monument on a human scale. It is crowned with a foliate carved frieze topped by a battlement treated in a stronger relief.

Within German furnitures a distinction has to me made between two types. A first one is located around the Rhine banks and has been influenced by Flemmish and French works, with decors carved in high-relief. Another one in Southern Germany and particularly around Tyrol with decors carved in low-relief similar to engraving.

Pieces belonging to the first type present a remarkable technical work and have become difficult to find nowadays. Our wardrobe is one of them.

With all its foliated ornamental motifs finely carved and the mantling frames around the characters our wardrobe can also be compared with the second type of German furnitures. It suggests a delicate artist mastering wood carving as shown by the precision of the drawings and the refinement of the frames.

Often placed in cabinets of curiosities or in libraries wardrobe such as ours might have hold the precious books of a sumptuous house.

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