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Lebes gamikos
Lebes gamikos - Ancient Art Style Lebes gamikos - Lebes gamikos - Antiquités - Lebes gamikos
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Period :
BC to 10th century
Dimensions :
H. 26.38 inch
Ancient Art  - Lebes gamikos BC to 10th century - Lebes gamikos  - Lebes gamikos
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Lebes gamikos

Western Greek. Impressive and sizeable polychrome and partly gilded lebes gamikos in three sections. Sicily, Centuripe, ca. 275-225 BC.
Lebes gamikos was a jar associated with weddings.
Professionally put together from fragments and entirely complete.
Fragment TL tested by CIRAM laboratories.
Provenance: Swiss private collection before 1970

The fragments formerly, in the 1970’s, in the possession of Dr. Elie Borowski, Basel. Another part of Borowski’s Centuripe vases was auctioned by Christie’s, New York, in June 2000.

Cf. G. Pugliese Carratelli, The Western Greeks (London 1996) p. 751 nr. 388.

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