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Large Faliscan plate
Large Faliscan plate - Ancient Art Style
Ref : 85973
12 550 €
Period :
BC to 10th century
Provenance :
Medium :
Burnt earthenware
Dimensions :
H. 2.28 inch | Ø 10.24 inch
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Large Faliscan plate

A large red figure Faliscan plate the frame decorated with ivy leaves, the tondo with polychrome floral ornaments. Faliscan, 4th century BC. A rare piece. Condition: Put together from large fragments but complete. Provenance: Swiss private collection before 1970
Cf. Beazley, Etruscan Vase Painting.

Falerii was a center of production of red-figure pottery. During the 4th century BC this production experienced its period of great splendor through skillful immigrant Athenian craftsmen who brought with them technical knowledge and a new decorative repertoire. Faliscan workshops exploited the new techniques and motifs with originality and talent. Sometimes it is difficult to distinguish between Attic and Faliscan vase painting.

The Faliscan were Italic people. Falerii Veteres, today’s Civita Castellana, was the capital city of the Faliscan who joined forces with the Etruscans, both in hostility with the Romans
However, Falerii Veteres finally fell in the hands of the Romans in 241 BC was completely destroyed and the inhabitants were relocated by the Romans to a new city, the Faleri Novi.

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