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Horn mask  Yaouré Culture, Ivory Coast
Horn mask  Yaouré Culture, Ivory Coast  - Tribal Art Style Horn mask  Yaouré Culture, Ivory Coast  -
Ref : 85555
Period :
20th century
Provenance :
Ivory Coast
Medium :
Dimensions :
H. 12.99 inch
Tribal Art  - Horn mask  Yaouré Culture, Ivory Coast
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Horn mask Yaouré Culture, Ivory Coast

Horn mask
Yaouré Culture, Ivory Coast
First half of the 20th century
H.: 33 ;

This anthropozoomorphic mask made of dark wood and oval in shape is crowned by four horns ringed and arched inwardly - reminiscent of those of an antelope. It has Yaure stylistic characteristics such as a rounded forehead, half-closed half-moon eyelids - underlined with lighter pigmentation, a straight and long nose, a hollowed rectangular mouth with finely drawn lips expressing whistling. The mask is decorated with scarification: on the left cheek a horizontal incision, accompanied by three shorter parallel lines, echoes a four-pointed star engraved on the right cheek. The corners of the lips are also incised obliquely at the corners of the mouth.
The back of the mask is carved with a large collar forming a hood.
If the main features tend to transcribe a human representation, the horns refer to the animal kingdom. They are an image of the bush and power.

This mask was danced at the time of initiation rituals of the secret society of the Dyè. It was one of the seven anthropozoomorphic masks necessary to carry out these ceremonies forbidden to women.

Provenance :
- Former collection René and Mercedes Lavigne, USA.
- Christie's sale, London, 1988.
- William A. Mc Carthy-Cooper, Los Angeles.
- Christie's sale, New York, 1991.
- Former private collection, Paris.
- Eric Hertault Gallery, Paris

Bibliography :
- Reproduced in Yaouré, visage du sacré, Paris, Eric Heurtault, 2019, p.32-35.
- Reproduced in Tribal Art Society's LVIII Online Catalogue, October 1, 2020, p.60 under number 15.

Illustration photograph © Bohumil Holas (1909-1979), Musée du Quai Branly

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