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Heraldic coat of arms - Italy - 16th century
Heraldic coat of arms - Italy - 16th century - Decorative Objects Style Heraldic coat of arms - Italy - 16th century -
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1 800 €
Period :
<= 16th century
Provenance :
Medium :
Carved and gilded wood
Dimensions :
l. 13.19 inch X H. 17.72 inch
Decorative Objects  - Heraldic coat of arms - Italy - 16th century <= 16th century - Heraldic coat of arms - Italy - 16th century
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Heraldic coat of arms - Italy - 16th century

This wooden coat of arms with lower edges rounded at the tip, has carved and gilded coat of arms in low relief.

Divided into four equal parts, the shield is called "écartélé", that is to say cut by a vertical and a horizontal line.
At the top on either side, two "sejant" lions are depicted face to face sitting on their hind legs and the two front legs on the ground, surmounted by two five-pointed radiating stars, symbolizing the splendor of the family. The sinister lion is accompanied by a leg above the knee.
At the bottom of the two lower quarters, on the left is an apple tree with its fruit standing out from the background and a left hand appaused as a symbol of power, authority and truth. And on the right, two lions face each other "facing" each other, standing on their hind legs.

The heraldic coat of arms is a description that identifies its bearer, often depicted on a shield, armor, banner, or tabar. A symbol of recognition of an individual or his family, particularly used by knights in the Middle Ages.
Theoretically, in France, coats of arms were abolished during the French Revolution by the Assembly on June 19, 1790, along with any symbol of nobility. Nevertheless, heraldry, or the art of coats of arms, is still practiced.

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