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Standing figure - Olmec
Standing figure - Olmec - Ancient Art Style Standing figure - Olmec - Standing figure - Olmec -
Ref : 84713
150 000 €
Period :
BC to 10th century
Provenance :
OLMEC - Mexico, 900 - 400 B.C
Medium :
Dark brown green serpentine
Dimensions :
l. 2.09 inch X H. 5.12 inch X P. 1.18 inch
Ancient Art  - Standing figure - Olmec BC to 10th century - Standing figure - Olmec
Galerie Mermoz

Precolumbian art

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Standing figure - Olmec

Condition: Intact
Object sold with a certificate of authenticity

This magnificent figure embodies all the creative power and spiritual strength of the Olmec civilization.

The face has particular features: downward curved mouth, thick and raised lips, slightly inclined tapered eyes, V-shaped joining eyebrows, imposing nose with pierced nostrils, protruding chin and a wide jaw.
Many of the features refer to the figure of the jaguar, fascinating predator, master of fire and night, placed by the Olmec at the heart of its mythology.

The shape of the skull, a constant in so-called "miniature" figures, is the sign of a ritual deformation.

The engravings on the sides of the head are enhanced with red cinnabar, a sacred mineral powder used for millennia to illuminate the decorations of ceremonial objects in stone and ceramic, makes it possible to identify what looks like a maize sprout, whose leaves separate at the level of the temples.

The body of our figure is compact and solidly built. The arms, against the bust, are bent at the elbows and facing forward. The hands have been ritually mutilated. The belly is slightly rounded. The folds of the groin are marked.

The man is naked as indicated by the visible mark outlining the buttocks. It is asexual, as the vast majority of statuettes of this type. The powerful legs are spread apart and slightly bent, which gives strength and livelihood to the character. The round feet are similar to paws and the toes, represented by fine vertical incisions, look like claws.

Galerie Mermoz


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