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A mid-18th century italian Dresser
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16 000 €
Period :
18th century
Provenance :
Medium :
Dimensions :
L. 48.43 inch X l. 22.44 inch X H. 34.65 inch
Matheus Gallery

18th century Italian and Venetian furniture

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A mid-18th century italian Dresser

Period: mid-18th century, 1750, Louis XV Convenient form veneered in walnut and walnut burl. Sinuously wavy heather top with molded edge; the vividly shaped facade is divided into three rows of drawers, which feature a walnut heather mirror with maple thread and walnut border, even the sides, vigorously moved, have the same finish; resting on slender cabriole supports. Interiors, backs and backs in fir wood, a "soft" and light wood used by Venetian cabinet makers to be able to transport furniture more easily inside boats. Looking at the drawers inside, you can see the presence of 18th century nails, not perfectly round, because they are "handmade". An oxide has developed around them, given only by the passage of time. The originality is also evident from the edge of the drawers themselves, which shows the wear and tear caused by their sliding. Contemporary locks and handles with period mechanism only revised. Restorations: the furniture has only been cleaned, each piece is intact and contemporary, no replacement and does not require any restoration, ready to be put on the wall. In addition, the shapes and materials recalculate a model of chest of drawers very common in Venice in the mid-1700s (no less rare in the current market). Similar examples can be found in Clara Santini's "Thousand Venetian Furniture" catalog figures 102 to 109. Provenance: Venice dimensions: 123 cm x 57 x 88 h

Matheus Gallery

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