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Elephant Mask - Igbo Art
Elephant Mask - Igbo Art - Tribal Art Style Elephant Mask - Igbo Art -
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Period :
20th century
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Medium :
Dimensions :
L. 26.38 inch
Tribal Art  - Elephant Mask - Igbo Art 20th century - Elephant Mask - Igbo Art
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Elephant Mask - Igbo Art

Ogbodo enyi mask, north Igbo an from Nigeria.
This very rare mask, has in its front part two statuettes, man and woman.
Standing, inscribed in each lobe of heart in relief, only known copy with two characters. These two characters with marked sexes, elbows folded against the body, striated hairstyle for the female character. Both of them with their mouths open, showing their teeth, the bodies well detached projecting backwards, boldly articulated volumes.
The other highly schematized part, presents an elephant head, made up of geometrical elements with high relief, conical eyes emerging from the plateau where the trunk can be found. Big mouth, completed on each side by the tusks. On the sides two spirals and bisected ridges in high relief, perhaps corresponding to scarifications (spirals that can sometimes be found in IGBO masks).

Beautiful brown patina in some places, showing the long use of the mask, remains of eggshell on the higher part, following sacrificial libations honoring the mask.
Cubism and realism meet and complement each other in aesthetics.

Origin : Herman S.Trullu (Nimes) collection

To see : for a very similar mask but with only one character

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In Remnants of ritual 2003 page 22 N° 51
In Art d’Afrique Noire by Marie Louise Bastin 1984 page 206 (probably from the same hand)
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