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Pair of Japanese vases in Imari Arita porcelain
Pair of Japanese vases in Imari Arita porcelain - Porcelain & Faience Style
Ref : 84256
Period :
19th century
Artist :
Hichozan Shinpo
Provenance :
Medium :
Porcelain, Enamel, Gold, Wood
Dimensions :
H. 71.65 inch

Marble Sculptures from 1800 to 1950

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Pair of Japanese vases in Imari Arita porcelain

The two vases are made of "blue-white" porcelain and decorated with 4 enamel vignettes enhanced with gold.

The two vases are made of "blue-white" porcelain of exceptional quality and are decorated with 4 enamelled vignettes overhanging the blue and white porcelain decoration.

In the so-called "blue-white" porcelain decoration, typical of the Imari style, lions, eagles and roosters are depicted.

The lions, ferocious and strong animals, protect and support the holy people. The lion is a sign of great courage in the face of danger as well as great energy. Also called Keiboon or Fu Dogs, it is represented here as a couple.

The 4 enamelled labels :

Vignette from front to top : A large open jar in which a container has just been dipped. Surrounding the jar are lotuses, symbolising fertility, purity and all that is perfect.

Vignette from front to bottom: A rooster with its young. The rooster protects against the evil forces of the stars. It is the emblem of success and fame. By its morning crow, it frightens away evil spirits.

Back label at the top: A Dragon Tortoise, a Chinese mythological creature combining two celestial animals, the Dragon and the Tortoise.

For traditional Feng Shui, the Tortoise symbolises longevity and the Dragon symbolises courage, success and determination.

This is why the Dragon Tortoise, according to tradition, brings success in professional life and protects from negative energies. It is advisable to orient the vases to the east in order to bring prosperity and good health to one's family.

Back label at the bottom: An eagle and its little sound represented. The eagle symbolises Strength in Chinese history.

Each vase rests on its original wooden base with golden motifs, which is very rare.

Les deux vases sont signés "Hichozan Shinpo Tsukuru" (Made by Hichozan Shinpo)

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