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Standing figure - Mezcala
Standing figure - Mezcala - Ancient Art Style
Ref : 84198
14 000 €
Period :
BC to 10th century
Provenance :
MEZCALA - GUERRERO - Mexico, 350-100 B.C.
Medium :
Green-grey spotted serpentine
Dimensions :
l. 3.66 inch X H. 5.98 inch X P. 2.28 inch
Galerie Mermoz

Precolumbian art

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Standing figure - Mezcala

Condition: Good condition
Object sold with a certificate of authenticity

The top of the skull is rounded and the forehead, protruding from the rest of the face, creates a shadowy area at the position of the eyes. The orbital cavities are summarily marked by a curved depression. The flat nose is framed by two furrows evoking sinusoidal folds. The flat cheeks lead the gaze towards a recess on each side of the head, delimiting the position of the ears. The mouth, signified by a simple horizontal notch, is implanted on an angular jaw.

The head seems to be set into the shoulders, which are punctuated by an oblique incision. The arms are integral with the bust, only the forearms are shown in relief, resting horizontally on the abdomen. The hands meet at the base of the crotch, three fingers are detailed by incisions. The legs are short and separated from each other by a wide incision.

The art historian Carlo Gay proposes a classification of Mezcala sculptures according to their form, from the oldest and simplest (M-2) to the most recent and complex (M-26). This piece belongs to the so-called M-22 type, recognisable by the dark green serpentine statues measuring between 4 and 25 cm. The M-22 type is characterised by the introduction of naturalistic elements, particularly in the nose, mouth, details of the fingers of the hands, visible on our figure, and the feet (between 3 and 5 fingers/toes). These details confer a certain realistic, human dimension, very clearly legible on our piece.

Galerie Mermoz


Ancient Art