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Standing figure - Mezcala
Standing figure - Mezcala - Ancient Art Style
Ref : 84197
8 000 €
Period :
BC to 10th century
Provenance :
MEZCALA - GUERRERO - Mexico, 350-100 B.C.
Medium :
Green speckled diorite
Dimensions :
l. 3.15 inch X H. 5.24 inch X P. 1.57 inch
Galerie Mermoz

Precolumbian art

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Standing figure - Mezcala

Condition: Intact
Object sold with a certificate of authenticity

This figure evokes the outline of an ovoid pebble, sculpted and polished, from which the volumes of a human silhouette have emerged. The sculptor's skill lies in working the pebble to obtain the characteristic features of the human figure enhanced by the soft, polished touch of the stone.

It has been roughened so that its forms synthesise the head, body and legs. Notches trace long eye cavities - delimiting eyebrows, eyes and ears.
Expression lines sketch the shape of the triangular nose and evoke the mouth. The cut in the neck is so long and wide that it includes the short, drooping shoulders.
The arms are one with the torso and deep oblique incisions mark the forearms bent over the bust. The legs - ending in spikes - are distinguished by a new incision running on both sides of the piece.

Galerie Mermoz


Ancient Art