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AI-APAEC, Sacrificator God - Mochica
AI-APAEC, Sacrificator God - Mochica - Ancient Art Style AI-APAEC, Sacrificator God - Mochica -
Ref : 84194
40 000 €
Period :
BC to 10th century
Provenance :
MOCHICA - Peru, 100 - 700 A.D.
Medium :
Bone with chrysocolla inlays, spondyle shell and silver-copper alloy.
Dimensions :
l. 2.64 inch X H. 3.7 inch X P. 1.57 inch
Ancient Art  - AI-APAEC, Sacrificator God - Mochica BC to 10th century - AI-APAEC, Sacrificator God - Mochica
Galerie Mermoz

Precolumbian art

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AI-APAEC, Sacrificator God - Mochica

Condition: Good condition
Object sold with a certificate of authenticity

The stocky figure is standing. His quadrangular head is topped by a cap depicting a jaguar identifiable by its characteristic long fangs. His triangular ears are encrusted with spondyle and his round eyes are encrusted with chrysocolla. Seven circles have been engraved on the cap and inlaid with spondyle too, on the animal's body, at the shoulders, back, buttocks and tail which falls into the neck of the deity.

The large almond-shaped eyes, encircled by the incised eyelids, are inlaid with chrysocolla, like the jaguar. Spondyle irises set the whole thing. The nose, whose ridge starts at the level of the eyebrow arch, is long and straight. The grimacing mouth is hollowed out, it has the same tapering fangs as the jaguar on the cap. It is large and overhangs the chin in a galossa shape. The ears, with angular pavilions, are pierced with large chrysocolla ornaments.

The arms are one body with the bust, only the forearms are represented by a slight indentation from the elbows. The fingers of the large hands and feet are marked by incisions. The figure wears a necklace made of three long chrysocolla inlays and a rectangular tunic decorated with tesserae (chrysocolla and spondyle) forming stepped patterns. In the right hand, the deity is holding a head-trope of hair (triangular pieces of spondyle are set on the cheeks), in the other hand, a sacrificial knife called a "tumi" made of a silver-copper alloy. These elements help to identify the god Ai Apaec.

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