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Lord holding in his hands a human head - Mochica
Lord holding in his hands a human head - Mochica - Ancient Art Style
Ref : 84192
40 000 €
Period :
BC to 10th century
Provenance :
MOCHICA - Peru, 100 - 700 A.D.
Medium :
Marine bone with inlays of turquoise and spondylus
Dimensions :
l. 2.09 inch X H. 4.45 inch X P. 1.38 inch
Ancient Art  - Lord holding in his hands a human head - Mochica
Galerie Mermoz

Precolumbian art

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Lord holding in his hands a human head - Mochica

Condition: Excellent condition
Object sold with a certificate of authenticity

The figure is the representation of a lord wearing a headdress with four points, decorated with inlays. This bone figurine is inlaid with a semi-precious stone, the chrysocolla, and a shell, the spondyle. The head, body and legs of the character have inlaid geometric patterns. He wears circular ear ornaments and a pectoral, also enhanced with inlays. His hands rest on a trophy head placed on his abdomen.

The ritual pose of the figure and the importance of the materials reflect the social status of this character. This is the representation of a high dignitary of the Mochica society. The four-pointed headdress is significant because it is the prerogative of the Huari elite occupying the Andean highlands (700-1200 A.D). This figure is the testimony of a pivotal period during which Mochica culture and art are in close relation with members of the Huari elite.

This type of representation is exceptional because bone figurines are rare. Mochicas commonly used bone to make musical instruments, but there are very few bone figurines. Most of the Mochica artifact production is ceramic. Exhibits often display vases in the shape of a god, a warrior or a dignitary but few of them have shown bone figurines whose quality of execution equals the nobility of the materials which compose it.

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