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Seated Woman - Chinesco
Seated Woman - Chinesco - Ancient Art Style Seated Woman - Chinesco -
Ref : 84150
25 000 €
Period :
<= 16th century
Provenance :
Medium :
Beige hollow terracotta, with a brick red and light beige slip
Dimensions :
l. 5.63 inch X H. 6.69 inch X P. 3.62 inch
Ancient Art  - Seated Woman - Chinesco <= 16th century - Seated Woman - Chinesco
Galerie Mermoz

Precolumbian art

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Seated Woman - Chinesco

Condition : Good condition
Object sold with a certificate of authenticity and a thermoluminescence test.

The piece presented here features a stylized young woman, very refined, sitting on the floor, her legs spread. Its triangular-shaped head is representative of the Chinesco style, with a wide top, rounded at the angles, a very narrow skull (when seen in profile) with an almost flat back. A large perfectly smooth receding forehead, a reflection, probably exaggerated, of the cranial deformations that were common within the ruling classes all over Mesoamerica.

Her impassive face, devoid of any real individuality, tapers sharply the closer you get to the pointed chin. The eyes and mouth come down to small incisions, made with a point in still raw clay, a treatment that gives the impression that she is wearing a mask.

The protruding ears are small and round. The nose, on the other hand, is strong and partly hides the opening of the mouth. It displays a nariguera, a sign of belonging to the elite, as well as the three parallel stripes energetically crossing the left side of the face and around the neck highlighted in a circle. These painted patterns represent tattoos or jewelry, which were strong social and identity markers for the pre-Hispanic peoples, who used body decorations for aesthetic but also symbolic purposes.

The arms, abstract and skinny, embrace the torso and place the hands - which we can only guess - on the groin. The thick, bulbous legs are typical among the Chinescos. Here they are covered in a vibrant red that echoes the facial bands. The fullness of the buttocks, the atypical shape of the thighs as well as the absence of breasts do not detract from the finesse and sensuality of this woman. On the contrary, these generous and round shapes make her intensely maternal and nurturing.

Galerie Mermoz

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