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Wheellock rifle -Marcus Zelner
Wheellock rifle -Marcus Zelner - Collectibles Style Wheellock rifle -Marcus Zelner - Wheellock rifle -Marcus Zelner -
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35 000 €
Period :
18th century
Artist :
Marcus Zelner
Provenance :
Dimensions :
L. 44.09 inch
Collectibles  - Wheellock rifle -Marcus Zelner 18th century - Wheellock rifle -Marcus Zelner  - Wheellock rifle -Marcus Zelner
Sylvie Lhermite-King

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Wheellock rifle -Marcus Zelner

Wheellock rifle
By Marcus Zelner, arquebusier of the Imperial Court in Vienna
Vienna, circa 1740

Good condition except an accident on the hammer, lack at the gilding.

Comparative literature :
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The Austrian arquebuserie is distinguished by the persistence of the spinning lock until the beginning of the 19th century. During the first half of the 18th century, the spinning wheel plate was built in a more compact way by removing the push button, allowing the basin cover to be returned, and placing the wheel inside the plate, thus giving it a flat surface. more suitable for receiving an engraved decoration.

A comparable weapon, made by the arquebusier Joseph Hamerl in Vienna (circa 1735), was published in 1967 by JF Hayward (cf. p. 355, plate 81 - photo 1) bearing a thumb piece engraved with the Habsburg arms and can be performed for Marie-Thérèse of Austria while she was still Princess.

The beautiful arquebuserie was a great success at the court of Vienna and not only with its emperors but also with its empresses; a shooting session was held especially for the ladies of the court in the early years of the 18th century. They had to shoot at three oval targets, the winners received rings covered with precious stones, gold or porcelain socket boxes. It was one of the favorite pastimes of the Empress Amélie, wife of Joseph I.

Marcus Zelner was born in Austria, in Salzburg in 1693 and died in Vienna in 1758. He was made master in 1726. Among his other weapons listed by Hans Schedelmann in 1944, is a comparable arquebus with internal spinning wheel preserved in the armoury collection of the Princes of Liechtenstein in Vaduz Castle and which was exhibited at the Metropolitan Museum in New York on the occasion of an exhibition dedicated to their collections in 1986.

Sylvie Lhermite-King


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