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Turtle Fountain
Turtle Fountain - Sculpture Style Turtle Fountain - Turtle Fountain -
Ref : 82576
Period :
19th century
Provenance :
Sculpture  - Turtle Fountain 19th century - Turtle Fountain  - Turtle Fountain
Galerie Francesco De Rosa

Objets d’art, sculpture, pendules, furniture

Turtle Fountain

19th century model of the famous "Turtle Fountain" in patinated bronze and Egyptian alabaster base. Italy. Period: early 19th century. Dimensions: HxLxP: 60x69x60 cm. The turtle fountain was created in 1581 after the design of Giacomo della Porta (1532-1602) by the sculptor Taddeo Landini. The fountain stands on a small square,Piazza Mattei, in Rome.

Galerie Francesco De Rosa

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