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 Donor in prayer - Duchy of Savoy, 15th century
 Donor in prayer - Duchy of Savoy, 15th century - Sculpture Style Middle age  Donor in prayer - Duchy of Savoy, 15th century -
Ref : 82377
Period :
<= 16th century
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Dimensions :
H. 28.35 inch
Sculpture  -  Donor in prayer - Duchy of Savoy, 15th century
Galerie Sismann

European old masters sculpture

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Donor in prayer - Duchy of Savoy, 15th century

This charming sculpture represents a donor in prayer, dressed in a heavy tunic adjusted at the waist by a sumptuous goldsmith belt. This testifies to the richness and the rank of our character, represented here in eternal prayer. Backed by a wall lamp roughly taking the contours of its silhouette, our sculpture was once to take place in an altarpiece with flat panels, similar to that of the Saint Jean-Baptiste church in Lagnieu, dedicated by Jean Favier, secretary to the duke from Savoy. The outline of what could appear to be a halo behind the head of our character, however, leaves doubts as to his identity. It could also be a local saint, rarely bearing signs of wealth in attributes. In this case, our panel could also have been part of a college of saints adorning the walls of a small church located between Savoy and the Aosta Valley. Indeed, from a stylistic point of view, this work can be compared to certain notable local works, such as the group of the Pity of Lovagny, the beautiful Virgin of Saint-Offenge-Dessus, the Saint Roch of Barberaz or even the Pity of Saint-Jean-de-Chevelu. Like the latter, our donor illustrates the richness of the Savoyard workshops and offers a very rare overview of popular sculpted production in the States of Savoy at the end of the Gothic period.

Galerie Sismann


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