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Attributed to Jörg Zürn - Saint Sebastian in albaster, Swabia, c. 1625
Ref : 82159
18 000 €
Period :
17th century
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Medium :
Dimensions :
H. 27.95 inch
Galerie Sismann

European old masters sculpture

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Attributed to Jörg Zürn - Saint Sebastian in albaster, Swabia, c. 1625

This Saint Sebastian, attached to a tree and pierced with arrows, faithfully reproduces the formula inaugurated by Jörg Zürn in his most famous work, the Altarpiece of the Virgin Mary, commissioned by the Bertz family in the Church of Saint Nicholas in Uberlingen.
Of larger dimensions and approached as an isolated figure, the sculpture finds here more mobility and veracity. It is interesting to compare the anatomical type of our sculpture with the musculature of the characters produced by Jörg Zürn and his son Martin for the Altarpiece of the Frauenberg chapel in Bad Waldsee. Obeying baroque expressionism, the "pathos" of the look and the half-open mouth of this sculpture is to be compared to the San Sebastian of identical typology, coming from a private collection, exposed by the Kornhaus Museum Bad Waldsee in 1998. Finally, the style of sculpture reminds the one of the Orsinger Crucifix.

Our sculpture is an excellent example of the beginnings of the German baroque introduced by Jörg Zürn around the Lake Constance region. This discovery, within the small and rare listed works of Jürn, gives this Saint Sebastian, of remarkable size for an alabaster sculpture, a double historical and artistic interest.

Galerie Sismann


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