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Laban's Reconciliation with Jacob De Ferrari ( 1589 - 1669 )
Laban's Reconciliation with Jacob De Ferrari ( 1589 - 1669 )  - Paintings & Drawings Style Louis XIV Laban's Reconciliation with Jacob De Ferrari ( 1589 - 1669 )  -
Ref : 82150
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Period :
17th century
Provenance :
Italy, Genova
Medium :
Oil on canvas
Dimensions :
l. 59.06 inch X H. 46.46 inch
Paintings & Drawings  - Laban's Reconciliation with Jacob De Ferrari ( 1589 - 1669 )
Riccardo Moneghini

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Laban's Reconciliation with Jacob De Ferrari ( 1589 - 1669 )

Oil painting on canvas with dimensions of 118 x 150 cm without frame and of 127 x 157 cm with frame depicting the reconciliation of Laban with Jacob by the painter Giovanni Andrea de Ferrari (Genoa 1598 - 1669).

The canvas depicts the biblical passage of the reconciliation between Laban and Jacob, after he had managed to keep the small domestic idols that she had stolen from the house of Lebano before leaving for Canaan; Rachel had sat on it hiding them in her skirt thus preventing Laban from finding them.
The subject, one of the most frequent of the biblical stories narrated in seventeenth-century Genoese painting, allows a multitude of characters, animals and objects to be staged.

De Ferrari here sets the story according to a scheme that shows many affinities with the works of Grechetto although the more colloquial and less impetuous tone makes it overall more domestic and less dramatic subtended by a simpler pictorial language.

He shares the taste for the description of objects and animals with Grechetto but what dominates in de Ferrari is this slow but measured theatricality of composition that is always well balanced although full of figures.
The painting is done with a certain freedom of drafting and I would tend for a mature era of the great artist not exactly strozzesco as in the beginning but certainly closer to the ways of Fiasella.

An important comparison to understand the era and the way of painting of De Ferrari we can do it with the Nativity of 1641 coming from the church of San Domenico and now preserved in the museum of the Linguistic Academy in Genoa.

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