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A Trompe l’œil still life - Henri-Horace Roland De La Porte (1725-1793)
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Period :
18th century
Artist :
Henri-Horace Roland De La Porte (1725-1793)
Provenance :
Medium :
Oil on canvas
Dimensions :
L. 53.15 inch X H. 37.8 inch
Sylvie Lhermite-King

Works of art, silver, glass and furniture from 16th to 18th century

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A Trompe l’œil still life - Henri-Horace Roland De La Porte (1725-1793)

A screen, books and a musette on a stool
Henri-Horace Roland De La Porte (1725-1793)
France, second half of 18th century

96 x 135 cm (without frame)

- Michel & Fabrice Faré. La Vie silencieuse en France. La nature morte au XVIIIe siècle. Fribourg 1976, p.185, ill. b&w, n°276.

One book is bearing the title « Histoi[re] d[e] Fra[nce] » (volume number illegible) on its back and the other « Roland ». The latter is probably an edition of the 1685 opera by Jean-Baptiste Lully with the same name after a libretto by Philippe Quinault inspired by Orlando Furioso (Roland Furieux) by Ludovico Ariosto. This hypothesis could fit with the musical theme in the composition but, for example, it could also be a French edition of Orlando Furioso itself from which a translation by Jean-Baptiste de Mirabaud was published in 1741. In every case it is a way for Henri-Horace Roland De La Porte to « hide » his signature in his work.

The painting was a trompe l’oeil probably originally made as a fireplace screen and it was used as such as it bears the cutting remains which follow a Louis XV mantelpiece shape. The cutting was probably restored in the 19th century to bring back a rectangular shape to the picture.

Sylvie Lhermite-King


18th Century Oil Painting