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Venetian tray in lacquered and gilded wood
Venetian tray in lacquered and gilded wood - Decorative Objects Style Louis XV Venetian tray in lacquered and gilded wood -
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Period :
18th century
Provenance :
Medium :
Lacquered and gilded wood
Dimensions :
L. 21.65 inch X l. 16.54 inch
Decorative Objects  - Venetian tray in lacquered and gilded wood
Matheus Gallery

18th century Italian and Venetian furniture

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Venetian tray in lacquered and gilded wood

Dimensions: 55 X 42
Period: mid-eighteenth century

Origin: Venice

Extraordinary lacquered Venetian glove with a rare red background. On it there are golden figures enclosed within flowering ramages. An opium smoker on the left to whom a tray with hot drinks is placed and in the background an oriental landscape with "Chinese" roofs. All enclosed by sinuous edges with the famous shapes of the Venetian rococo

The predilection for the exotic by the Venetians finds a striking confirmation in the representations of chinoiseries: scenes of daily life of the time with characters with oriental features.

The lacquer indelibly imprinted the artistic epic of the Venetian eighteenth century until it assumed a dazzling and almost unique symbol. Thanks to the surprising inventive fertility and extraordinary executive ability of the "depositors", it found happy application to an almost unlimited variety of objects, luxury, but also for daily use.

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