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Statuette of a Cervid
Statuette of a Cervid - Ancient Art Style
Ref : 81216
1 500 €
Period :
<= 16th century
Medium :
Dimensions :
L. 2.76 inch X H. 2.36 inch
Ancient Art  - Statuette of a Cervid
Galerie David Ghezelbash

Ancien Art & Antiquities

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Statuette of a Cervid

The animal is depicted standing. The stag’s antlers are imposing and considerably developed. This statuette is an good example of the particularity that characterises creations of the Amlash culture is proof of its great artistic significance. With its variety of small animals, such as the cervid, ibex, or bull, the production of bronzes is a reflection of this.

Amlash culture
10th–8th century BC

Hangs on the back of the animal

Galerie David Ghezelbash

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