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Cat statuette of the Goddess Bastet
Cat statuette of the Goddess Bastet - Ancient Art Style
Ref : 81211
65 000 €
Period :
<= 16th century
Medium :
Bronze and gold
Dimensions :
H. 5.2 inch
Galerie David Ghezelbash

Ancien Art & Antiquities

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Cat statuette of the Goddess Bastet

Presented in her animal form, the goddess Bastet sits in an elegant and hieratic pose. Her extended forelegs
highlight her protruding shoulders.. The ears are pierced and adorned with gold rings. The cult of Bastet, protective goddess of the home associated with prosperity and fertility, developed beginning in the 10th century BC, simultaneously with the establishment of the primary residence of the kings of the 22nd Dynasty in Bubastis (the home of Bastet). Small statuettes of this sort served as offerings or were placed alongside mummies and sarcophagi of cats, which were considered at the time to be sacred animals.

Egyptian Art
Late Period, 26th-30th Dynasty, 664-332 B.C.

Formerly in a French private collection, acquired circa 1970.

Published in :
Archéologie, David Ghezelbash Archéologie,2011, n°2

Galerie David Ghezelbash

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