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French Guéridon in the manner of Adam Weisweiler, circa 1900
French Guéridon in the manner of Adam Weisweiler, circa 1900 - Furniture Style
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Period :
19th century
Provenance :
Medium :
Gilt bronze, wrought iron, white marble
Dimensions :
H. 29.13 inch | Ø 26.38 inch
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French Guéridon in the manner of Adam Weisweiler, circa 1900

A gilt bronze guéridon with a White marble top, standing on three legs, each constructed of three faux bamboo uprights that flow into a torched foot, which are connected by a traverse to a central floating upright. The white marble top is surrounded by a gilt bronze gallery with a motif of shells and arcs. Under the gallery, an iron band is decorated with gilt bronze cross motifs and rosettes. Above each of the three legs, there is a gilt rosette in a square frame.
This gueridon shows all characteristics of a piece of furniture by Adam Weisweiler (1744-1820) but was crafted around 1900.

At the end of the 19th century, such furniture of high quality where, amongst others, produced by Maison Jansen. The originally Amsterdam family business specialised in decorative interior pieces, inspired by, or sometimes directly modelled after antique French originals.
Furniture by Maison Jansen are characterized by their superior quality and found their way to Royal palaces and the White House at the time of the tenure of John F. Kennedy. Returning style characteristics in furniture by Maison Jansen, are naturalistic elements, such as leaf- and bamboo motifs, and the furniture often have a slender and light build, while using heavy materials such as gilt bronze, brass, polished steel and marble.

Adam Weisweiler was born in Germany where he allegedly studied under David Roentgen (1743-1807), after which he moved to Paris where he became maître-ébéniste in 1778. He primarily collaborated with the Marchands-merciers, because they could also supply him with oriental and other luxury parts, such as Japanese lacquer panels. Subsequently, he could sell his furniture through them tot he French and English courts. Queen Marie-Antoinette had a writing by Weisweiler in the Chateau de Saint Cloud, and George the Prince of Wales ordered several furniture for Carlton House in the 1780’s.

Weisweilers oeuvre is characterized by the combination of a multitude of luxury materials, such as gilt bronze, polished steel, Japanese lacquer, plaques of Sèvres porcelain and marble. Also a degree of detail in all parts of the piece of furniture is typical for his work. Weisweiler worked in a period of time when exoticism was a true rage in Europe, and this clearly reflects in his work. It is manifested in the lacquer panels, which can both be of Oriental and of European origin, as well as in the bamboo motif which frequently occurs in his furniture.

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