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Choc de cavalerie Pieter Hofman ( 1640 -1692 )
Choc de cavalerie Pieter Hofman ( 1640 -1692 ) - Paintings & Drawings Style Louis XIV Choc de cavalerie Pieter Hofman ( 1640 -1692 ) - Choc de cavalerie Pieter Hofman ( 1640 -1692 ) - Louis XIV
Ref : 80698
11 000 €
Period :
17th century
Provenance :
Belgium - Antwerp
Medium :
Oil on canvas
Dimensions :
l. 37.8 inch X H. 27.95 inch
Paintings & Drawings  - Choc de cavalerie Pieter Hofman ( 1640 -1692 ) 17th century - Choc de cavalerie Pieter Hofman ( 1640 -1692 )
Riccardo Moneghini

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Choc de cavalerie Pieter Hofman ( 1640 -1692 )

Painting, oil on canvas, depicting a battle, measuring 71 x 96 cm without frame and 82 x 107 cm with beautiful frame, by Pieter Hofman (Antwerp 1640 - Rome 1692).

This tasty battle scene for size and pictorial quality is to be counted among the most successful works of the artist by presenting the distinctive stylistic features of the Baroque age including the dynamic development of the narrative and the bloody realism.

The scenography with the fifth of knights in the foreground is peculiar to the Flemish master, as well as the jagged line of the horizon and the wide sky crossed by clouds and smoke clots released by the artillery, which confuse the profile of the mountains and the fortresses. This painting created with remarkable expressive force recalls the excitement of the fray to which the painter gives greater coloristic liveliness that makes the painting even more pleasant and beautiful.

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Riccardo Moneghini

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