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Sebastiano GALEOTTI (1675 - 1741) - Fight of newts
Sebastiano GALEOTTI (1675 - 1741) - Fight of newts - Paintings & Drawings Style Louis XIV
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Period :
17th century
Dimensions :
l. 8.03 inch X H. 11.42 inch
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Sebastiano GALEOTTI (1675 - 1741) - Fight of newts

Sebastiano GALEOTTI (Florence, 1675 - Mondovi, 1741) Student of Alessandro Gherardini, Felice Torelli and Giovanni Gioseffo dal Sole, Sebastiano Galeotti collaborated with Giovanni Domenico Ferretti. After a period of training in Bologna, he worked in Florence and Pisa and then in the 1720s in Piacenza and Parma. In Piacenza he painted in various churches such as San Giorgio Sopramuro, San Dalmazio, San Giuseppe delle Carmelitane, San Vincenzo, San Giovanni in Canale; in Parma in the Oratorio delle Grazie, Duomo, Sant'Uldarico and Santissima Annunziata as well as palaces, Sala Baganza (Rocca Farnese) and Sissa. In Genoa, he decorated Palazzo Spinola, which he lived in from 1729 to 1736, then moved to Mondovì where he stayed until his death in 1741.
The drawing on display of a newt fighting a newt fighting a newt is to be compared with an almost identical one in the Drawing Room of the Louvre Museum (Fig. 2). The fretted shape visible on both drawings indicates that it could be a project for a decoration as yet unidentified.

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