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 Paris – Lutecia – Braun et Hogenberg – Antique map
 Paris – Lutecia – Braun et Hogenberg – Antique map - Engravings & Prints Style Louis XIII  Paris – Lutecia – Braun et Hogenberg – Antique map -
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Period :
<= 16th century
Artist :
Braub et Hogenberg
Engravings & Prints  -  Paris – Lutecia – Braun et Hogenberg – Antique map
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Paris – Lutecia – Braun et Hogenberg – Antique map

Original plan print in 1583. Braun et Hogenberg cartographers.
good hand coloring. explanation at the back in latin.
Very good state.
sheet size : 53 x 39 cm.
copper sizee : 48,5 x 33,5 cm.
Original antique map of 1583.

The topographical indications are in French. The field is identical to that of the plan of Munster in 1550. It extends to the east to the Abbey of Saint-Antoine, to the north to the Gibet de monfaucon and to the church of Montmartre, at west to the Faubourg Saint Honoré and the Abbey of Saint Germain des Prés, south to the Gobelins. It represents the state of Paris around 1530.
The enclosure of Philippe auguste and its doors, which will be demolished after 1530, are very clearly visible on the right bank.

Text of the presentation cartridge:
Paris is really a royal house / From the god Apollo in its radiant splendor / Is like Cyrrea full of good spirits / Vigorously, it produces various writings / Is like Chrysea abundant in metals / Almost like Greece flourishing in wisdom / India of study and Rome of poets / Athens, finally , through famous scholars / Rose of the world, balm of the firmament / Universal, the ornament of Sidon / Abundant in food and drink / Rich in beautiful meadows and wet shores / Fruitful in wine, sweet for its citizens / Fertile in wheat and many other products. Author comment: "Paris is the capital of the most productive Kingdom of France, because of its incredible size, the nobility, the merchants and the bourgeoisie, its number of students and its notable buildings. The city which is located between the University and the main city is connected to the University by two bridges and to the city proper by three, bordered on two sides of houses. At this point Philippe le Bel built a royal palace, containing a small chapel built with marvelous skill. Here is also a magnificent church dedicated to Our Lady, which is considered a marvel of all France because of its marvelously beautiful shape, its size and its artistically skillful images. "

This collection included 564 maps, bird's-eye views and maps of all the major cities in Europe, as well as the most important cities in Asia, Africa and Latin America. Directed and annotated by Georg Braun, theologian and publisher, widely illustrated by engravings by cartographer Franz Hogenberg., The Civitates was designed as a pendant to the universal atlas of Abraham Ortelius, the Theatrum Orbis Terrarum, published in 1570. More d '' a hundred different artists and cartographers participated in this sumptuous edition which not only represents the cities, but also offers complementary elements: characters in local costumes, boats, ox carts, court scenes, or even topographic details which help to account for the geographical location, the commercial power and the political importance of the illustrated cities.

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