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Steeple-chase - Eugène LANCERAY (1848-1886)
Steeple-chase - Eugène LANCERAY (1848-1886) - Sculpture Style Napoléon III Steeple-chase - Eugène LANCERAY (1848-1886) - Steeple-chase - Eugène LANCERAY (1848-1886) - Napoléon III
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Period :
19th century
Artist :
Provenance :
Medium :
Dimensions :
L. 17.72 inch
Sculpture  - Steeple-chase - Eugène LANCERAY (1848-1886) 19th century - Steeple-chase - Eugène LANCERAY (1848-1886) Napoléon III - Steeple-chase - Eugène LANCERAY (1848-1886)
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Steeple-chase - Eugène LANCERAY (1848-1886)

Also known under the title « The Races »

Bronze with a nuanced brown patina
old cast

Russia - France
late 19th century
height 26 cm
length of the base 45 cm

A similar model is reproduced in « Lanceray, le sculpteur russe du cheval », G. Sudbury, Collection Grande écurie de Versailles, Favre, 2006, page 155.

Biography :
Eugène (or Evgueni) Lanceray (1848-1886) was a Russian animal sculptor. He came from a French family settled in Russia. His grandfather Paul Lanceray, major of the army of Napoleon I, remained in Russia, where he was naturalized. As he was young, Lanceray was passionate about representing horses. He studied at St. Petersburg State Secondary School II with animal sculptor Nikolai Lieberich, who specialized in representing horses and riders. He was one of the major sculptors of Russia, whose work was centered on the relationship of horses with humans.

During his short creative period, Lanceray carved more than 400 equestrian statuettes. Always looking for new models, he visited Europe and East Russia every year, as well as Algeria in 1883.

Lanceray exhibited twice in Paris and his models were published by the Susse foundry. He died prematurely at age 38. His works were exhibited at the State Tretyakov Gallery in Moscow and at the Russian Museum in St. Petersburg.

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