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Between Good and Evil French School
Between Good and Evil French School - Paintings & Drawings Style Louis XIV Between Good and Evil French School - Between Good and Evil French School - Louis XIV Antiquités - Between Good and Evil French School
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6 900 €
Period :
18th century
Provenance :
Medium :
Oil on canvas
Dimensions :
L. 68.9 inch X H. 51.18 inch
Paintings & Drawings  - Between Good and Evil French School 18th century - Between Good and Evil French School Louis XIV - Between Good and Evil French School Antiquités - Between Good and Evil French School
Riccardo Moneghini

Old Master Paintings and antique furniture from the 17th and 18th centuries

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Between Good and Evil French School

Painting oil on canvas with dimensions of 130 x 175 cm without frame and 140 x 185 cm with frame depicting the choice between the Good and the Evil of the French school of the early eighteenth century.

The painting can be viewed as a whole as a moral warning propaganda. A young man standing in the center, in a simple brown suit, but with a red cloak indicating the aristocracy, represents the whole of society. To the left there is an angelic figure, who promises him the divine reward with the image in the sky, represented by another angel in the clouds, who leads a pious soul to God the Father, who is shown in the clouds in the central upper part of the image with the 10 commandments. The left side of the photo shows the most varied attitudes of religious life such as prayer, the idea of the memento mori, specified a skull near the crosses and a book on the floor, as well as a hermit with a cross and a girl partly in it.

On the right, however, the young man is grabbed by the hand of a horned devil who wants to take him to the other side, less religious and more ephemeral. The right side shows a noticeable bustle with many people laughing loudly and especially drinking at a table, while dance and earthly delights as well as music and symbols of theatrical representations, card games and lust, all synonyms for a behavior even if more certainly less righteous and less enlightening compelling are present in this part let's call it sinful. The lower right corner diametrically opposite to the upper left celestial area shows a clearly Flemish-style mouth which attracts within itself thanks to the fire of sin some damned and others are ready to throw themselves.

The condemnation of all the earthly delights shown in this painting, which also includes music or a love affair, as this couple who shakes hands until bleeding sends out an extremely puritanical message, as found only in the Protestant or Calvinist regions of the world . It is not an easy genre painting, anecdotal and repetitive of popular scenes shot live but a cultured painting, revealing a reality rather than assimilated view, reworked and investigated in complex aspects, hidden under the appearance and communicated through deformations that come close to expressionism and primitivism.

The painting in question is an important document of the best French pictorial vein of the early 700 because it exhibits a luminous impetus of brilliant and stubborn ability; this happens because undoubtedly the best part of the painter's activity in question is that of portraiture, both of characters and objects, which he carried out with constant commitment, reaching a peculiarity of ways that marks a significant phase in the development of the genre , with a clear advance of the executive finesse of the neoclassicals, also due to a width of dough and a perspicuity of definition which are all prerogatives typical of the great French painting of the time.

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18th Century Oil Painting Louis XIV