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E J Ruhlmann  /  J J Lachenal
E J Ruhlmann  /  J J Lachenal  - Porcelain & Faience Style Art Déco E J Ruhlmann  /  J J Lachenal  - E J Ruhlmann  /  J J Lachenal  - Art Déco
Ref : 77959
6 500 €
Period :
20th century
Artist :
Ruhlmann / Lachenal
Dimensions :
H. 1.97 inch | Ø 10.24 inch
Porcelain & Faience  - E J Ruhlmann  /  J J Lachenal 20th century - E J Ruhlmann  /  J J Lachenal
Galerie Guelfucci

20th century French Art and Design

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E J Ruhlmann / J J Lachenal

Classic and elegant bowl with glaze painting on its inside on an ivory glazed background and the outer wall glazed in blue
White sherd, with multicolor blue and green glazing
France, around 1925
Design: Jacques-Émile Ruhlmann (1979-1933) & Jean-Jacques Lachenal – French interior and furniture designers and ceramics artists
Bottom signed 'Ruhlmann J.J. Lachenal'

Jean-Jacques Lachenal was the son of Edmond Lachenal, one of the pioneers of French art pottery. Hi early work is little known. In the second decade of the 20th century, he is said to have begun with objects in the Iznik style. In 1911, he went on an interesting series of vases and plates, which were painted by the designer Georges Feure. After that, he was inspired by the Cubist imagery.

Galerie Guelfucci

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