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Lacquered Shodana (Display Shelf) - Edo Period

Réf : 77929


Lacquered Shodana (Display Shelf) - Edo Period

Beautiful shodana comprising four sliding doors a pair of hinged doors, staggered shelves and four drawers of varying size. All the surface is decorated in autumnal scenes in gold hira and takamaki-e and mura nashiji with details in kirikane and e-nashiji depicting a migrating flock of geese in flight above rural landscape. the sides and the thin borders are embellished inside and outside with repeated ho-o birds in flight in their beaks stylized sprays of kikyo (Chinese bellflower). The of the pair of the large doors similarly decorated with rice stooks hanging out to dry in front of a thatched dwelling on [...]

Period : 19th century

Antique dealer : Galerie Tora Tori

Galerie Tora Tori


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