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Sense Of Taste, Workshop of  Louis De Caullery (1580-1621)
Sense Of Taste, Workshop of  Louis De Caullery (1580-1621) - Paintings & Drawings Style Louis XIII Sense Of Taste, Workshop of  Louis De Caullery (1580-1621) -
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Period :
17th century
Dimensions :
l. 12.8 inch X H. 15.94 inch
Paintings & Drawings  - Sense Of Taste, Workshop of  Louis De Caullery (1580-1621) 17th century - Sense Of Taste, Workshop of  Louis De Caullery (1580-1621)
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Sense Of Taste, Workshop of Louis De Caullery (1580-1621)

At the heart of a wooded landscape, a gallant couple is feasting around a table generously garnished with refined dishes. The richly dressed young man flirts with the beautiful lady who holds in her hand a glass on a long gilt bronze foot and enjoys the oysters. Without leaving the eyes in full seduction our lovers enjoy the tasting. Their elegant costumes bear witness to the fashion of the early 17th century: the white lace collar, the baggy breeches, the stockings held by the ribbons knotted for gentleman; the collar open on a cleavage, the raised hair capped in miter for madame. Delicately painted at their feet a still life featuring artichokes, squash, and watermelon. A monkey sitting on the left bears witness to the allegorical character of the scene, because at the beginning of the 17th century this animal was associated with the sense of taste. Our delicately painted work is a testimony to the favorite themes of the 17th century Antwerp masters.
Workshop of Louis de Caullery, Antwerp, early 17th century
Oil on panel.
Dimensions: view: h. 26 cm, l. 18 cm. Box: h. 40.5 cm, l. 32,5 cm
Flemish style wooden frame blackened and molded.

Similar works including the five senses, sale Artcurial, April 10, 2013, lot 98.
In 17th century,  series of paintings built around the theme of the five senses are particularly popular. Their composition can appeal to allegories completely codified. There is an animal code: the deer is the hearing, the eagle or the cat the sight, the dog is the smell, the monkey personifies the taste, the turtle touches it.
Louis de Caullery (Caullery, c. 1580 - Antwerp, 1621/22) This Flemish master was born around 1580 in the Cambrai region. From 1593/1594 he became a student of the landscape painter Joos de Momper of Antwerp. A member of the guild of Saint Luc since 1604, Louis de Caullery seems to have been active in Flanders throughout his life although he has a great knowledge of different European cultures. It is mainly attributed to genre scenes: carnivals, banquets, parties, gardens of love populated with small characters.

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