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 Man's bust in oak - South Netherlands, 15th century

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Man's bust in oak - South Netherlands, 15th century

In the fifteenth century, Burgundian Netherlands is one of the great artistic centers of the West. Unifying the wealthy provinces of Burgundy, Flanders, Artois, Brabant and Hainaut, to name a few, the dukes of Burgundy are placed at the head of a vast territory with a dynamic economy. During this century, the area watch flourished major cultural centers as Bruges, Arras, Brussels, Antwerp or Mechelen. It's in these cities that the great names of Gothic art are formed and flourish in northern Europe at the dawn of the Renaissance. It is undoubtedly to one of these masters that we must attribute our bust of man [...]

Period : < 16th century

Antique dealer : Galerie Sismann

Galerie Sismann