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 Cyprus - Abraham Ortelius - 16 century
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Period :
<= 16th century
Dimensions :
L. 24.02 inch X l. 16.93 inch
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Cyprus - Abraham Ortelius - 16 century

Original map engraved in 1581.
Beautiful impression of this French edition finely watercolor.
Very good state.
Sheet size: 61.5 x 43.5 cm.
Copper format: 45.5 x 36 cm.
Original antique map of 1581.

Beautiful map, one of the most sought after on Cyprus, Lemnos in a decorative cartouche.

Abraham Ortel, better known as Ortelius, was born in Antwerp and, after studying Greek, Latin and mathematics, settled there with his sister, as a bookseller and "card painter". Traveling a lot, especially at major book fairs, his business flourished and he made contacts with scholars in many countries.
A turning point in his career was reached in 1564 with the publication of a map of the world in eight sheets of which only one copy is known: other individual cards will follow, then, at the suggestion of a friend, he gathers a collection of He engraved the cards in a uniform size, forming a set of cards that was first published in 1570 as the Theatrum Orbis Terrarum (Atlas of the World).
Although Lafreri and other Italian cartographers have published collections of "modern" cards in book form in previous years, the Theatrum was the first systematic collection of uniformly sized maps and can therefore be called the first atlas, although this term was used twenty years later by Mercator.
The Theatrum, with most of his cards elegantly engraved by Frans Hogenberg, is an immediate success and appears in many editions in different languages, including addenda published from time to time incorporating the latest knowledge and contemporary discoveries. The last edition of cards appeared in 1612.
Unlike many of his contemporaries, Ortelius noted his sources of information. In the first edition, eighty-seven cartographers were thanked.

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