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collection - World and the 4 Continents
collection - World and the 4 Continents - Collectibles Style collection - World and the 4 Continents - collection - World and the 4 Continents -
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8 500 €
Period :
18th century
Dimensions :
L. 32.28 inch X l. 28.35 inch
Collectibles  - collection - World and the 4 Continents 18th century - collection - World and the 4 Continents  - collection - World and the 4 Continents
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collection - World and the 4 Continents

Seutter cartographer (1678 - 1757).
Original maps engraved in 1720.
Beautiful old colors.
Very good state.
size : 62 x 52 cm
with frames : 82 x 62 cm
original antique maps of 1720

GLOBI TERR-AQUEI Variant and Visual intercedente .. Map - World
Double hemisphere map surrounded by 8 projections representing the world from different angles and 4 smaller circular charts. (Ref: Shirley, World, 578.)

AMERICA, engraved for Seutter by Gottfried Rogg.
California is represented as an island, large and particularly decorative cartridges.

Stretching from Europe to Japan. Terra Yedso is represented here as a vast land mass in northern Japan, connected by a narrow strip of land. A note indicates that the Land Companies was discovered by Don Jean de Gama.
An interesting feature of this map is the representation of Nova Zembla which, unlike most contemporary maps of Asia, is represented here as a peninsula connected to the Asian continent. The Novae Phillippinae Insulae are located a little too far south of the Caroline Islands. (Sweet ref .: Map of the Asian continent, 120.)

Europa religionis Christianae. . . .
Beautiful illustrated card of a large allegorical cartouche. Beautiful colors.

Africa Iuxta Navigationes and Observationes Recentissimas Aucta. . . A large decorative card, filled with fictional details. The title cartouche at the bottom left shows a dragon, a crocodile, natives and pyramids.

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