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Pair of earthenware sconces, France Nevers 1625 - 1630
Pair of earthenware sconces, France Nevers 1625 - 1630 - Porcelain & Faience Style Louis XIII
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Period :
17th century
Provenance :
France, Nevers
Medium :
Dimensions :
H. 14.17 inch
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Pair of earthenware sconces, France Nevers 1625 - 1630

Rare pair of sconces, forming an arm of light, earthenware Nevers in the style Italo-Nivernais said "to compendiario" carried out in Nevers between 1625 and 1630.

We know several kinds of appliques of this type:

1 ° - A model with 4 staples with shells and feather hat realized at the beginning of the 17th century,

2 ° - A model representing a character holding, like the previous one, his hat in the left hand, but dressed in a doublet with a wide belt, epaulettes and fins with big slashes, of the beginning of the 17th century,

3 ° - A model representing a young woman, partially naked, the left hand in the notch of her dress, made around 1625 - 1630, this is our model.

4 ° - a more common model, similar to the model n ° 2, realized later and of a lower quality.


All the pairs of Nevers sconces that we know have the arm of light in the right hand and represent men, with the exception of this model which represents, in the round, a young woman from the front, partially stripped, the arm left folded on the notch of his dress.
On his left wrist a stylized bracelet.

The quality of execution is remarkable, the round bump of the woman wearing a headband overflowing the frame to accentuate the relief and create the sculptural illusion, it is the same hair whose painted curls extend over the oval white plate serving as a support.

The set is surrounded by a stylized frame Louis 13 style whose base is made of acanthus leaves.

One of these beams of light figured at the exhibition organized by the Museum of Nevers in 1987, at the House of Culture, and appears in the catalog of the exhibition as No. 47.

The set is executed in the style italo - nivernais said to "compendiario" between 1625 and 1630

A recovery was performed on an arm of light.

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