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Virgin with pine cone, 16th century
Virgin with pine cone, 16th century - Religious Antiques Style Virgin with pine cone, 16th century -
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Period :
<= 16th century
Medium :
Polychrome wood
Dimensions :
L. 8.27 inch X H. 43.31 inch X P. 5.51 inch
Religious Antiques  - Virgin with pine cone, 16th century
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Virgin with pine cone, 16th century

Beautiful crowned Virgin, carrying the child Jesus in her arms. Very beautiful polychromy in the colours of the Virgin, blue and red.

Very early on the church recognized Mary's eminent role. The Council of Ephesus proclaiming Mary Theotokos, "Mother of God", in 431, laid the foundations for the images of the Virgins to the child, who developed in various ways over the centuries.

From the 15th century onwards, most parish churches had at least one modest polychrome Virgin and Child.

Our virgin, a very hieratic and frontal noble, holds in her left arm the child Jesus and extends her right hand to receive the pine cone offered by her son.
Most often represented holding a globe, from time to time in tenmps a bird of flowers, our little Jesus holds a pine cone, an amazing representation but more common than we think.

The pine cone is present in many religions, and in many Christian stories and legends. In vendée, it would be assimilated to the marks of the fingers of the virgin in Sicily to that of Jesus.

The pine cone symbolizes the immortality of vegetative and animal life, the exaltation of vital power and the glorification of fertility. In some scenes of Calvary where it adorns the end of the arms of the cross, it represents the "eternal return" of life, the rebirth.

One of the most famous pinecone virgins is the Black Virgin of Montserrat

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