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"Watcher in the Desert" - Emile PINEDO (1840-1916)
"Watcher in the Desert" - Emile PINEDO (1840-1916) - Sculpture Style Napoléon III "Watcher in the Desert" - Emile PINEDO (1840-1916) -
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Period :
19th century
Artist :
Medium :
Dimensions :
H. 29.92 inch
Sculpture  - "Watcher in the Desert" - Emile PINEDO (1840-1916) 19th century - "Watcher in the Desert" - Emile PINEDO (1840-1916)
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"Watcher in the Desert" - Emile PINEDO (1840-1916)

Bronze with a polychrom patina

late 19th century
height 76 cm

Biography :
Emile Pinèdo (1840-1916) was a French sculptor and medalist. It was at the beginning a company of bronzes of art and furniture whose direction was assured first by the father towards 1850, then by his son Emile, in 1865 under the name "Emile Pinèdo son" in the Marais district in Paris. The company continued its activity until the 1930s.

Émile Pinèdo also worked as a sculptor and knew some success. He made his debut at the Salon of French Artists in 1870, then participated in the Chicago Exhibition in 1893 where he presented works that attracted the attention of the public for its polychrome patinas.

Pinèdo, seduced by the exotic, realized many orientalist subjects such "Arab walking", "The Slave", "Departure for Mecca", all of an excellent quality of execution.

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