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Wrought iron chair
Wrought iron chair - Seating Style Wrought iron chair - Wrought iron chair - Antiquités - Wrought iron chair
Ref : 75080
11 500 €
Period :
17th century
Provenance :
Medium :
Wrought iron, brass
Dimensions :
l. 22.64 inch X H. 35.43 inch X P. 17.32 inch
Seating  - Wrought iron chair 17th century - Wrought iron chair  - Wrought iron chair Antiquités - Wrought iron chair
Galerie Gabrielle Laroche

Haute Epoque Fine Art

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Wrought iron chair

Origin : Italy
Period : 17th century

Height : 90 cm
Length : 57.5 cm
Depth : 44 cm

Wrought iron, brass

This ecclesiastical throne is composed of two bracket-shaped wrought iron bars linked by an open lozenge. It stands on four paw feet. This graphic structure contrasts with the armrests’ round brass knobs. The armrests are clothed with red velvet cushions and so are the backrest and the seat, adorned with gold trimmings. Two other round brass knobs top the backrest.

This fine iron work is made from a heated iron ingot hammered while it cools off in order to get the desired shape. This way the general lines are strong and yet very light.

The faudesteuil, always made of iron or bronze, is produced by goldsmiths. Used by monarchs and religious rulers this type of chairs acts as a movable throne. In Italy, during the 16th and 17th century this chair propagates, favoured by the antiquarian taste. A similar model from Pompei, a curule seat, and dating back from the Ist century AD is kept in Naples National Museum.

The faufesteuil belongs to these timeless models, originating centuries ago but still contemporary in spirit.

Galerie Gabrielle Laroche

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