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Basile Lemeunier (1852-1922) - Constructing the Metropolitan (Paris)

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Basile Lemeunier (1852-1922) - Constructing the Metropolitan (Paris)

The hyperrealism of Lemeunier’s brushwork makes possible a meticulous description of the activities of each of the groups. On the left, a worker on a scaffolding observes two daring young women who are walking on wooden planks forming a small bridge over the trench of the metropolitan construction site. The two young women are the central pattern of the canvas; one haloed by her parasol, the other bent over the hole. The composition revolves around these two friends: on the left the construction site of the metropolitan, on the right side the tumult of the Parisian environment. Buyers crowd around the [...]

Period : 19th century

Antique dealer : Marc Segoura

Marc Segoura


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