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Guimbala equestrian figure in terracotta, Africa.

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Guimbala equestrian figure in terracotta, Africa.

Guimbala equestrian figure in terracotta. Mali, Guimbala Culture. Presumed dating: 10th-12th century. Two old restorations - recollages - are visible at the bottom of the bust and on the rider's neck. Bibliography: - Arts d'Afrique noire, Autumn 1987. - Les cavaliers du Guimbala. Histoire d'un style, Michèle Coquet, in De l'art nègre à l'art africain, 1er colloque européen sur les arts d'Afrique noire, Arnouville, 1990. - Hunters and Warriors, Dapper Museum, Paris, 1998: « From a quick investigation (...) we retain this statement from the chief blacksmith of the village of K... « In [...]

Period : < 16th century

Antique dealer : Lasala & Sanson

Lasala & Sanson


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