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Soldier In Oak - North Of France, V. 1500

Réf : 74501


Soldier In Oak - North Of France, V. 1500

This polychrome oak sculpture depicts a soldier dressed in typical 1500s armor. Wearing a bassinet-style helmet, decorated with feathers, he wears a gorget at the level of the blow, a cuirass for his bust, a poacher (composed articulated blades that allow him to protect his belly and upper thighs), and finally leggings. Armed with a sword and a sword in the Antique, two possible identifications for this character are offered to us. It could be St. Paul, represented as a Roman soldier, before his conversion, or, more likely, one of the many anonymous Roman soldiers populating the great cycles of the Passion of [...]

Period : < 16th century

Antique dealer : Galerie Sismann

Galerie Sismann