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Soldier In Oak - North Of France, V. 1500
Soldier In Oak - North Of France, V. 1500 - Sculpture Style Middle age
Ref : 74501
8 000 €
Period :
16th century
Medium :
Dimensions :
H. 15.75 inch
Galerie Sismann

European old masters sculpture

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Soldier In Oak - North Of France, V. 1500

This polychrome oak sculpture depicts a soldier dressed in typical 1500s armor. Wearing a bassinet-style helmet, decorated with feathers, he wears a gorget at the level of the blow, a cuirass for his bust, a poacher (composed articulated blades that allow him to protect his belly and upper thighs), and finally leggings. Armed with a sword and a sword in the Antique, two possible identifications for this character are offered to us. It could be St. Paul, represented as a Roman soldier, before his conversion, or, more likely, one of the many anonymous Roman soldiers populating the great cycles of the Passion of Chist. Our sculpture was therefore to be integrated into a larger composition, probably in a large carved altarpiece such as those that are famous workshops in the north of France in the sixteenth century.

Galerie Sismann

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