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Renaissance head of a child
Renaissance head of a child - Sculpture Style Renaissance Renaissance head of a child - Renaissance head of a child - Renaissance
Ref : 74385
4 500 €
Period :
16th century
Provenance :
Southern Germany
Medium :
Walnut wood
Dimensions :
H. 12.99 inch
Sculpture  - Renaissance head of a child 16th century - Renaissance head of a child
Galerie Gabrielle Laroche

Haute Epoque Fine Art

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Renaissance head of a child

Origin : Southern Germany
Period : 16th century, circa 1500

Height of the head : 20 cm
Height with the base : 33 cm

Walnut wood with traces of polychromy
Standing on a cylindrical veined red marble base.

This head of a child testifies beautifully of the Swabian wood-carvers care for details. Indeed this delicate round head still shows several traces of polychromy that once gave this child his brown skin tone. His hair are carved as separate curls elegantly designed and distributed all over the head. The hair hides slightly the child’s ears also executed with detail.

The face’s volumes emphasize the almond shaped eyes looking downward and the small and straight nose. His gently smiling lips are heightened with traces of red and the motion of his head give to this child a joyfull expression. With simple and well designed lines the wood-carver gave this child a juvenile and soft air but also the vitality of his young age.

The sculpture being almost carved in the round it might have belonged to a bigger ensemble like an altar-piece for instance.

The outstanding realistic and detailed work supported by the polychromy create a strong emotional link between the sculpture and the viewer. This head of a child is a fine exemple of Swabian Renaissance art.

Galerie Gabrielle Laroche

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