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A witches' kitchen
A witches' kitchen - Paintings & Drawings Style A witches' kitchen - A witches' kitchen - Antiquités - A witches' kitchen
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Period :
17th century
Artist :
Attribué à Hieronymus Francken II
Paintings & Drawings  - A witches' kitchen 17th century - A witches' kitchen  - A witches' kitchen
Jean Moust

17th century Flemish and Dutch paintings

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A witches' kitchen

Attributed to Hieronymus Francken II
Flemish painter
Antwerp 1578 – 1623 Antwerp
A witches’ kitchen
Oil on panel : 49,4 X 74,1 cm
Frame : 69,1 X 93,2 cm

Published by Renilde Vervoort, ‘Brueghel’s witches. Witchcraft Images in the Low Countries between 1450 and 1700’, 2015, P. 79, Pl. 56, with colour photograph

Our painting refers to a painting that Frans II painted circa 1610; it is part of the collection of the Kunsthistorisches Museum in Vienna. At least seven more of these ‘copies’ are known; ours and the ones from the Hermitage in Saint Petersburg and from the Narodni Galerie in Prague are attributed to Hieronymus II.

In our eccentric kitchen scene witches are preparing a brew holding the most incredible ingredients. Three witches are praying to the devil, others get ready to undress and after an ointment of flies is applied on their back they can fly off on their broom.

Jean Moust


17th Century Oil Painting