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Large panel of 7 Chinese literates - Shishifukujins

Réf : 74080


Large panel of 7 Chinese literates - Shishifukujins

In a wooden frame blackened and carved of prunus flowers 7 Literates or shishifukujins in Japanese are very finely carved ivory, mother of pearl and bone where they engage in the arts . Very fine representation of this scene in a bucolic setting. A similar scene is also described for the 7 Japanese Gods (shishifukujins) amongst the bamboo forest. A small ivory fan surrounded by a crane spreading its wings with an inscription is located at the bottom right of the panel: Fioraventi Chimenz Yokohama, probably signifying the coordinates of the customer ordering this piece in a Yokohama workshop. Meiji period late [...]

Period : 19th century

Antique dealer : Galerie Tora Tori

Galerie Tora Tori


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