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Théodore Deck, Jardiniere with rooster

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Théodore Deck, Jardiniere with rooster

This oval-shaped planter is typical of Theodore Deck's style. Inspired by multiple influences in this period punctuated by the''neo-'' movements, he skilfully combines here a bucolic scene very inspired by the Japanese prints diffused by collections of European motifs that have flourished since the 1850s in France and and England and two friezes of eggs typical of the ancient ionic architectural order. Théodore Deck uses a characteristic blue, a turquoise shade known as "Bleu Deck", which will become a signature of his production. His pictorial style close to the techniques of aquafortists, and the brilliance [...]

Period : 19th century

Antique dealer : Galerie Vauclair

Galerie Vauclair


Porcelain & Faience