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Sculpture of Saint John around 1500

Réf : 73931


Sculpture of Saint John around 1500

A beautiful basswood sculpture, representing Saint John. Region of Würzburg / Franken / Bavaria around 1500 In the lower left corner, a supplement, as well as a finger of the left hand. The sculpture comes from a collection in Munich.

Period : < 16th century

Antique dealer : Galerie Puch

Galerie Puch

<   16th century
Maria with the Child

14 500 €

17th century
Sculpture of Saint John dated 1639

5 400 €

19th century
Bust of Seneca Naples 19th Century

7 500 €



<   16th century
Holy carved stone, Burgundy, 15th century
<   16th century
Saint Roch

2 000 €

<   16th century
German limewood statue of St-James.Early 16th century.
<   16th century
Gilt bronze statue of a women as a Temperance.Circa 1600.